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Glossary of Terms

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adj. - A series of alphabetic and numeric characters usually assigned to songs to assist in locating requests. Selections at Karaoke with Ralf shows used to be alphanumeric but are now exclusively numeric.


noun - A Singer who always insists on checking whether or not the microphone is on by blowing on it.


noun - 5-inch plastic disc which contains a thin leaf of metal with pitted grooves onto which a series of pits and ridges store 0's and 1's. These O's and 1's are in turn read by a laser within a CD player which translates the digital code into a medium people can understand. In the case of karaoke CDs, it's translated into music and lyric graphics. Related term: Compact Disc.


noun - CD+G stands for "Compact Disc with Graphics" - the most widely used format at karaoke venues.

Digital Echo

noun - Usually applied to vocals, digital echo is the process of taking the original audio signal and feeding it back through the system with a time delay, anywhere from milliseconds to full seconds. Related terms: Digital Delay


noun - A song arranged especially for two people to sing together. Usually each persons parts are easily distinguished by icon or color.


noun - Digital Virtual Disc. The latest technology in data storage both for multimedia computer use and audio-visual entertainment. DVD discs are designed to eventually store up to 17 GB of data. Karaoke is available on DVD, but Karaoke with Ralf no longer offers a selection of DVD songs at venues.

Disc Code

noun - The 5-digit number that represents the disc and track for the selected song.


noun - The dimple or indentation under the nose directly above the upper lip. A moustache can hide this feature. No, this has nothing to do with karaoke, but it was an interesting fact nonetheless, you have to admit.

Guide Vocal

noun - Some karaoke discs are produced with two versions of each song. One would be the standard music and graphics, the other would be music, graphics and a guide vical, or sample vocal by a studio vocalist to help you learn how to sing that particular song.


noun - The instrumental portion of the song that precedes the first word in the vocals.


noun - A singer is assigned a song to sing by random, using any one of a number of methods of selection. Usually a prize is awarded for completing the song. Often the prize is a drink by the same name: kamikaze.


noun - Musical term which determines the note on which the song will begin and when shown on the monitor aids the singer in deciding whether the melody will be too high or too low to sing.


noun - Karaoke Jockey; Emcee; Host; the person running the show.


noun - 12-inch disc with similar technology used in CD's but hold more information, enough to hold video images the length of a full-length motion picture. Karaoke laserdiscs are all but forgotten in favor of more compact and more efficient technology like DVD.


noun - The electronic instrument into which the performer sings into.


noun - The video screen or television set that faces the singer on stage, often placed on a special stand built for this purpose.


noun - A format of CD processing where the lead vocal is available on a separate channel, allowing the owner of the disc to remove the vocal by shifting the balance of the speakers to left OR right instead of both.


noun - Opposite of intro, this is the instrumental portion of the song that follows the last words of the song.


noun - see Vocal Range

Request Slip

noun - A piece of paper with space provided for singer(s) to write down their name(s), the song title, and the song code to aid in the KJ's locating the selection.


noun - An effect applied to audio to give it more presence or life. Not to be confused with echo.

Song Code

noun - The numeric (in some cases alphanumeric code associated with a song which aids the KJ in finding the selection requested.


verb - To digitally lay one video image over another. In karaoke, this is usually achieved by taking a video source, such as a movie or camcorder image, and superimposing the lyrics on top, thus emulating a video disc with a standard CD+G.


noun - As the title implies, a karaoke "virgin" is an individual who has never tempted fate by singing at a karaoke show. Related term: Karaoke Virginity

Vocal Range

noun - The number of notes, from low to high, that a person can sing. The wider the vocal range, the larger variety of songs available to the singer.

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