Mike Witkowski Photos: J. Patrick Jablonski

Although the band was able to handle the bulk of its own on-stage sound mixing using borrowed equipment from Cartoon, TRINITY 1296 kept its options open for a dedicated soundman with his own equipment. The opportunity presented itself.

Penn State electrical engineering student, Michael Witkowski, was interested in audio recording engineering when he was picked up by the band to record a demo. The professional and personal relationship grew nicely, and Mike eventually agreed to handle the band's live performances as soundman.

Mike owned his own 12-channel, unpowered Peavey mixer, which he used with his 4-track, reel-to-reel studio recording deck for his music mixing studies. Now managing to only borrow an amplifier when necessary, TRINITY 1296 was able to concentrate more on the performance, and much less on the mixing.

Before Brad Smith joined the band, Mike Witkowski, moved to Maryland to work at Radio Shack and seek regular employment in the sound engineering field. Today is is Vice President of Sales & Engineering at Pritchard Brown in Baltimore, MD.

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